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About the Groningen Alliance

The Groningen Alliance (TGA) is a strategic partnership between the University of Groningen (UoG), the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HUAS), the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), Martini Hospital, the province of Groningen, Noorderpoort, Alfa-college and the municipality of Groningen.

The Alliance’s partners commit to operating with a shared vision, which can be found in our [strategic agenda, ‘Metropolis Groningen: Frontrunner in Transitions’ ](). The Alliance works to ensure that the metropolis region of Groningen continues to develop into a knowledge- and innovation hub of national and international repute. For the period 2022-2024, our key focus is on the sectors energy, digitalization and health.

Both in the collaboration within the Alliance, and between the Alliance and businesses, the metropolitan region of Groningen already plays a major role in solving 21st-century challenges. A joint focus on research and the exchange of knowledge and skills ensures that our region can realize major economic growth through existing businesses and new innovative startups. Groningen is the 2nd startup city of the Netherlands (source), top innovative region in Europe (source), and has one of the cutest little capitals of the world (source). The ultimate goal of the Alliance is to give an economic boost to the region and the wider Netherlands by creating more knowledge-based activity and work in Groningen.

Education, research and innovation are the generators of Groningen’s knowledge economy. Researchers, policy makers, students, instructors and business managers have been working together much more closely in recent years, but putting knowledge to use does not happen automatically. Strategic coordination between the largest regional knowledge institutions and local managers is necessary in order to maximize how much we can all benefit from the know-how that Groningen possesses.


The Alliance of Groningen’s ambition is to ensure Groningen becomes the most attractive city of the Netherlands and Europe for (international) talent, researchers, highly skilled migrants and companies. We are focused on providing a competitive innovation climate, high-tech facilities, an accessible labour market and a pleasant, affordable living environment. Talent attraction, welcoming talent and talent retention remain vital tasks in the future, which is why we will be updating our strategic agenda every four years and continue to deepen our working partnerships.



  • Koen Schuiling, Mayor of Groningen and Chairperson of the Groningen Alliance
  • Andre Postema, Chairperson Board of Directors of the Martini Hospital
  • Ate van der Zee, Chairperson Board of Directors of the UMCG
  • Wim van de Pol, Chairperson Board of Directors of Noorderpoort
  • Wim Moes, Chairperson Board of Directors of Alfa-college
  • Dick Pouwels, Chairperson Board of Directors of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  • Jouke de Vries, Chairperson Board of Directors of the University of Groningen
  • René Paas, King's Commissioner for the Province of Groningen
  • Carine Bloemhoff, Alderperson Economic Affairs for the Municipality of Groningen


Is your organisation partner of the Groningen Alliance and would you like to know more about your organisation's involvement? Please contact your organisation's coordinator.

  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences: Lilian Hof
  • University of Groningen: Gernant Deekens
  • Martini Hospital: Claartje van der Wilk
  • University Medical Centre Groningen: Bert Oosterkamp
  • Alfa-college: Danielle van Elteren
  • Noorderpoort: Eva Dekker
  • Municipality of Groningen: Geert Kamminga
  • Province of Groningen: Bart Corporaal


Get in touch with the Alliance of Groningen's programme office,

  • Geert Kamminga, Programme manager Groningen Alliance
  • Nadia Amraoui, Programme secretary and consultant Groningen Alliance
  • Anastasija Zihareva, Programme consultant Groningen Alliance
  • Marjolein Wiersma, Programme consultant Groningen Alliance