Groningen has a new local government


Almost three months after local elections, the municipality of Groningen has a new local government. On February 6th, the new city council presented their coalition agreement. The council is made up of members from Groenlinks (the biggest party in the election), PvdA, D66 and ChristenUnie. The coalition agreement focusses on “Healthy, green, happy Groningen”. We give some more detail on this below.

Investing in quality of life is a key theme of the agreement, with the goal of more beautiful neighbourhoods and villages, more green, more space to meet and play sports, improved health and reduced poverty among residents. The coalition aims to increase personal involvement and control for residents and to strengthen the connections between organisations at both a district and neighbourhood level.

The proposed new Municipal Executive comprises the Mayor and seven aldermen:

Mayor Peter den Oudsten: General Affairs, Public Order & Safety, External Relations & City Twinning, Regional Cooperation, Municipal Archive, Coordination of Agreement for Groningen, City Maintenance, Media, Strengthening & Repair*, Groningen Airport Eelde, Chair of Revitalising the Town Hall Steering Group.

Alderman Mattias Gijsbertsen (GroenLinks): Connecting the Social Domain, Care & Safety, Youth & Youth Care, Public Health, Income & Debts, Protected Living & Shelter, District Alderman East.

Alderman Roeland van der Schaaf (PvdA): Spatial Development, Housing, District Development, Strengthening & Repair, Land Issues, Social Property, Revitalising the Town Hall, District Alderman Centre.

Alderman Paul de Rook (D66): Finances, P&O, Public Services, Economy & Innovation, Market Authorities, International Trade & Cooperation, Tourism & Recreation, Culture, Area-oriented Working & Democratic Innovation, District Alderman West.

Alderwoman Inge Jongman (ChristenUnie): Care & Welfare, Village Policy, Agriculture, Nature, Ecology & Animal Welfare, Sport, District Alderman Ten Boer.

Philip Broeksma (GroenLinks): Traffic & Transport, Energy Transition, Digital Innovation & ICT, Village Alderman Haren.

Alderwoman Carine Bloemhoff (PvdA): Education, Work & Participation, Labour Market Policy, Accommodation Policy, District Alderman Old Neighbourhoods.

Alderwoman Glimina Chakor (GroenLinks): City Management & Cleaning, Greenery & Climate Adaptation, Sustainability & Circular Economy, Purchasing, Integration & Emancipation, Illiteracy, Accessibility, Events, District Alderman South.

Read more about the coalition agreement on the regional news website Northern Times.


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