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More than just a career event: Future Work x Make it in the North is a look into a future world without managers, or even offices

Make it in the North is the first and only online platform to help International and internationally-minded people in the Northern Netherlands find jobs, opportunities, and information that helps them feel at home in the North. It will launch with a bang on the 11th July, with its first event Future Work x Make it in the North. The event will be held in Groningen before going on tour around the Northern Netherlands.

The project is the work of tens of partners, including the Provinces of Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe, as well as such Northern institutions as the University of Groningen, FME, MetaalUnie, Phillips, and many more. Make it in the North is more than just a way of linking companies in the North to talent: with opportunities for exporting, huge amounts of information, chances for collaboration; The Northern Times news-site and the Here & Now cultural directory are all included under its umbrella.

Make it in the North is the result of listening to Northern business’ concerns about being future-proof, working internationally, and finding the right staff for their highly-skilled jobs.

More than just a career event- a look into the future

Accordingly, the launch of Make it in the North will be heralded by a new Northern career event,where you can do so much more than simply find cool companies with jobs available on the day. Themed around the idea of a future without managers, offices, and borders, the first Future Work x Make it in the North event will showcase the forward-looking face of the Northern Netherlands.

Speakers will talk about a future where companies have no managers, and technological solutions mean that you can have your team spread across with world, whilst appearing to be in the same room! Workshops will focus on turning your PhD research into a company, hiring international people, exporting; the exciting tech-driven future of the Northern Netherlands, and much more. Future Work will also have a LinkedIn photo studio, drinks, networking; and the best coffee to be found in a public building anywhere in the Netherlands!

Each of the facets of the Make it in the North project will be on display at the Future Work event. There will be a live The Northern Times newsroom, Here & Now will be curating the musical accompaniment, and a host of companies and organisations from across Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe will be present with real jobs for highly-skilled workers: who won’t need to speak Dutch!

Make it in the North has already gone live, and is being filled up with vacancies and talent, thanks to the work of tens of partners and supporters. The Northern Times has already rocketed in popularity to being a mainstay on the digital news-stand, and recently had its millionth view, whilst over 20,000 people per week see what’s going on in the North on Here & Now.

In the Autumn, Future Work x Make it in the North will go on tour across the Northern Netherlands. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Useful information

Future Work x Make it in the North will take place on the 11th July at Gedempte Zuiderdiep 98,Groningen. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are a company with jobs and would like to be at the event to meet some of the many thousands of talented people in the North, let us know via , or visit our supporters page.


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