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Play an escape room game this Christmas

On Tuesday December the 8th, Rutte announced that the Corona measurements will remain applicable during the Christmas holidays. For a lot of families, including mine, this means Christmas celebrations will be a bit different this year.

A crowded table, lots of trays of food, screaming aunts and my grandpa gently falling asleep just before dessert will have to wait until next year. Despite all this, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate a fun Christmas. With a bit of creativity we can come up with some good old-fashioned (‘gezellige’) activities. I have some suggestions for you in this article.

When I think of spending Christmas at home, I think of the old days. Spending time inside with my mom, dad and brother. We would spent the day backing cookies, watching movies, going for a walk and making arts and crafts. These are fun activities for now as well, even now that we’re older. But what if you really want add some excitement to your Christmas holidays while being at home?

There’s a lot of websites where you can buy escape room games for at home. Usually they arrive in a little box or in a big envelope. We recently bought a Crimibox which contained pictures, letters and even a website we could use. It was all very exciting. You can totally immerse yourself in a story and get to work together as a team with your family or housemates. Channel your inner detective. It is a super fun way to spent your Christmas.

But what if you want to get more creative? You have to admit: we’ve got plenty of time to do so. Well, in that case, you could even create your very own scavenger hunt or escape room! To start off, you have to come up with a story. Why are the players locked in a room? This could be something simple such as: someone ate all of the Christmas cookies and you have to solve the crime before the time runs out. You could come up with fake suspects, clues, codes and a little prize. Here’s a link of another blog that gives a ton of suggestions and can help you get started.

I hope to have inspired you with some fun at home activities. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! It might be different from the years before, but we can give this Christmas its own little intimate charm!

Written by: Macy van Geldorp