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Top 10 apps for Groningers

We’ve lined up all the handy apps and websites that will help you find your way around like a local. Nice to know: several of them have been developed right here in Groningen.

  • Buienradar. So it’s raining, for a change. But when will it stop? Will it ever stop? Find out with this unmissable weather app and website, showing the rainfall real time using satellite imagery. An institution in Dutch life.

  • 9292.nl. This app and website will help you plan your journey from door to door. 9292 provides information on all public transport all over the Netherlands.

  • Marktplaats. The Dutch love a bargain and this auction site - ‘the Dutch eBay’ - is a great place to score second hand clothes, furniture, even cars! Only in Dutch though.

  • DigiD. The national digital verification system, allowing you access to all government sites, health care and pension providers. (Can also be done using passwords.)

  • FoodDrop. The local version of UberEats, bringing you delicious food on the bike, from the best restaurants in town. You might have seen the red boxes flying around town. Developed in Groningen. (Thuisbezorgd is a similar app, but operating for fast food restaurants.)

  • Het Laatste Tafeltje (the Last Table). If you feel like going out for dinner, try this app which brings you daily specials from restaurants in the area, as well as sauna, film and hotel deals. Another locally made Groningen app! Currently only in Dutch.

  • Too Good to Go. This is a national app against food waste. Pick up a delicious meal from a restaurant which otherwise would have been thrown away - and for a deeply discounted price. Good for the planet, good for your wallet : )

  • Thuisafgehaald (‘share your meal’). Do you feel like homemade food? Then you can pick up a meal from someone in the neighbourhood who has cooked an extra one. A lovely way to make contact with the locals. And you can also share your extra food on the app too!

  • Learn Dutch. This is a flashcard app which you can use on the go to practise your Dutch. Free video lessons also provided!

  • RTVNoord. So now you’re getting good at Dutch, put it to good use by following local news on the regional news sender’s app.

Plus two bonus Dutch apps!

  • Verhalen van Groningen. (Stories of Groningen) If you’re ready for more advanced and in-depth Dutch, visit this website to hear the stories from local history. Groningen will turn into a virtual open air museum for you!

  • Omapost. This is yet another locally developed app, which allows you to send photos as a postcard, directly from your phone. Super original and super nice. It was originally designed for you to send your granny a card, so as to share your online life with her. Currently only sending to Dutch addresses but extension to cover European postal addresses is in the works!

All these apps are also useable as websites! Check out the Dutch list for a slightly different selection of apps.