Sports for kids

0-4 years old

You may want to take some active classes with your young child. There are baby swimming classes, yoga classes and other activity meet-ups for young children. You can find an overview of baby swimming classes on the Sport050 website. Yoga classes for young children are offered through Sadasiva, Kinderyoga050, and Het Zonnekompas.

For recommendations in your area or from other international families of other baby activities, try asking the Expats in Groningen group on Facebook.

4-12 years old

Once children are at school, they will start receiving the Sporthopper, a folder with an overview of introductory courses for all sports offered to primary school children. You can choose sports classes from this folder and register through Sporthopper for the classes. The classes are offered very cheaply so that children can try out a number of sports. The Sporthopper is offered in September and again in January.

If your child has chosen a sport, it is very common in the Netherlands for children to join a sports club. The most popular sports for children below the age of 12 are soccer, gymnastics, dancing and hockey. There are many sports clubs in Groningen that offer classes for children, in almost every sport imaginable. Sport050 has an overview of sports clubs for children per age category. Asking other parents at school is a good way to find out which clubs are nearby, popular or suitable for your child.

Swimming lessons

In the Netherlands it is compulsory for children to obtain a swimming diploma. Swimming diplomas can be obtained at level A, B or C. All children need to obtain at least level A.

Children can start swimming lessons from 4 years of age, and often start between 5 and 6 years of age. There are many locations for swimming lessons. Sport050 has provided an overview of most swimming pools in Groningen (Dutch only). The municipal swimming pools also offer swimming lessons themselves, but these sometimes have waiting lists. There are also many private organisations offering swimming lessons, at the municipal swimming pools or at their own locations. Asking other parents at your child’s school is a good way to find out about recommended swimming classes in the area.

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