About Climate Week Groningen

Dealing with climate change

This year Groningen is all about dealing with the possible effects of climate change, or "climate adaptation". The highlight is the Climate Adaptation Week from Monday 19 to Saturday 24 October 2020. The week is an initiative of the municipality of Groningen together with the partners of the Groningen Akkoord and the Global Center on Adaptation.

The year 2020 will focus internationally on climate adaptation actions. On October 22, 2020, world leaders will come together in Amsterdam for the "Climate Adaptation Summit" to conclude the Year of Action. As host cities of the Global Center on Adaption, both Groningen and Rotterdam are organizing various activities, including a climate week, in the run-up to the "Climate Adaptation Summit".

Groningen focuses on accelerating climate adaptation among companies, scientists, residents, education and governments. The city and province of Groningen present themselves to the world as a climate adaptation knowledge hub with the many projects, testing grounds and activities that take place in the field of climate adaptation.

The Climate Week

The activities in Groningen will show the diverse aspects of climate adaptation and specific expertise in the Northern Netherlands. The focus of these activities is on Climate Week in October. During this week, Nobel Prize winners, scientists and young individuals will discuss the challenges of and solutions to dealing with climate change.

Educational institutions, including the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, open their doors to a wide audience for a day and show what they have to offer in the field of climate adaptation.

In addition, there will be an design exhibition on how our direct and indirect living environment can be set up climate-proof.

Young people are intensively involved in the theme. For example, there is an international youth summit on climate adaptation in that week. The summit is organized by and for young people.

In the run-up to and during the Climate Week, activities for the public are taking place in order to involve everyone in the theme, and to make people aware that they themselves can do something to keep the (own) environment viable.

The why of the climate year

Our climate is changing and that change has a major impact on human and animal life. Not only in regards to changes in weather, but also on our ecosystem, our soil condition, our food supply, our health and our safety. Climate change can no longer be reversed. The consequences are noticeable locally: flooding, heat stress and drought. Locally we work on solutions that not only are technically feasible, but are also affordable and fit into our social structures. Everyone is needed when dealing with climate change and climate adaptation: residents, policy makers, companies, knowledge and educational institutions. The year of action is intended to bring people together and take action together.

Do you have ideas about how you can contribute to Climate Week with your company, organization or as an individual? Contact the project group by sending an email to: Alena.Fox@groningen.nl

Curious about what is already happening in the field of climate adaptation in the Northern Netherlands? Have a look here.

More information about the Global Center of Adaptation can be found here.

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