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The challenges facing Groningen, whether they are social, economic or environmental, are the same challenges that are faced by many other European cities. We applied for the European Capital of Innovation Award, because we want to share our vision and vibe with the rest of Europe. We think our innovative, citizen-driven approach to making our city more green and liveable is worth sharing. We call it: Greenovation.

Investing in quality of life is essential in the city’s current political coalition agreement, resulting in more beautiful neighborhoods and villages, with more greenery, space to meet and play sports, improved health and reduced poverty among all residents. In Groningen we are convinced that our citizens are at the very heart of our innovation system. Therefore, Greenovation is done together with the users of our city: residents, knowledge institutes, social organizations, the business community and housing associations.

Please be inspired by our iCapital 2020 bid “Greenovation”, our approach on green transition and innovation.