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The Accord of Groningen (AoG) is a strategic partnership among the University of Groningen (UoG), the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HUAS), the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), Martini Ziekenhuis, the province of Groningen, Noorderpoort, Alfa-college and the municipality of Groningen. The purpose of the Accord, which was created in late 2018, is to guarantee that Groningen develops into the premiere knowledge and innovation city and region in the Netherlands and beyond with a clear vision and joint strategic agenda. The accord’s key themes are energy, healthy ageing and digitalisation.

The city of Groningen is working to solve the biggest questions facing our world in the 21st century through collaboration among the Accord partners and working together with regional businesses. These partnerships take the form of developing the know-how to empower these research fields to continue growing through innovative entrepreneurship and job creation. The ultimate goal of the Accord is to give an economic boost to the region and the wider Netherlands by creating more knowledge-based activity and work in Groningen.

Education, research and innovation are the generators of Groningen’s knowledge economy, each of which plays a role in solving society’s greatest challenges. Researchers, policy makers, students, instructors and business managers have been working together much more closely in recent years, but putting knowledge to use does not happen automatically. Strategic coordination between the largest regional knowledge institutions and local managers is necessary in order to maximize how much we can all benefit from the know-how that Groningen possesses.


The Accord of Groningen’s ambition is to be an attractive European city and region for (international) students, researchers, knowledge workers and companies. We are focused on providing a competitive innovation climate, high-tech facilities, an accessible labour market and a pleasant, affordable living environment. Attracting, facilitating and keeping talent will remain vital tasks in the future, which is why we will be updating our strategic agenda every four years and continue to deepen our working partnerships.

Success stories:

  • The first no-smoking city in the Netherlands
  • Global Center on Adaptation office located in Groningen
  • Campus Groningen one of the top campuses in the Netherlands
  • Expansion of WIJS community project
  • Groningen is a European Best Practice City for its welcome policy for internationals
  • Top Dutch Solar Racing Team came in 4th in their debut in the World Solar Challenge
  • Development of the new Merk Groningen based on the slogan “Nothing Tops Groningen”, which can also be used by the brains and business target groups
  • The launch of the Make it in the North platform, which brings international job seekers together with regional employers


If you have any questions or would like to contact the Accord of Groningen, please reach out via email.