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Kinderboerderij Stadspark Groningen 3 Stella Dekker Fotografie

The Dutch school system

The Dutch school system might differ from the school system that you are used to. Learn more about the Dutch school system here.

Primary and secondary education

In the Netherlands it is compulsory for children from the ages of 5-16 to get education. However, many children already start their education at the age of 4. Read more about primary and secondary education in the Netherlands.

Types of school

There are many different types of schools in the Netherlands. It is important to choose a school that fits you and your child best. Have a look at the overview of the different types of schools made by I Am Expat.

International schools in Groningen

If you are looking for an international school in Groningen, you have a couple of options to choose from. The IWCN made an overview of international schools you could choose from.

School vacations and holidays

The Dutch schools have a couple of vacations and holidays throughout the year. Some of these dates are fixed, while others are not. These vacation dates also often differ per region of the Netherlands.