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Renting a house

This section focuses on rental options for non-students. For student accommodation, please look at the information on our 'Finding a room' page.

Dependent on your budget, needs and plans, you will find it more or less difficult to find rented accommodation in or around Groningen. You can get an idea of what is on offer by checking out the listings on the property sites Funda (Dutch only) or Pararius. To find something suitable for your specific needs, you can speak to a rental agent ("makelaar") in the area that you would like to live. It is strongly advisable to look for accommodation a few months before you plan to arrive.

You will initially need to rent through the private sector; in the longer term social housing may be an option but it generally has long waiting lists. You can read about the differences between private sector and social housing on the At Home in Groningen website.

You may also consider living outside the city, in a village nearby, and in this case the listings for rental in the province can be cheaper and with more choice. If you are interested in living outside the city, have a look at our page about commuter towns.

Rental agencies
The University Medical Centre (UMCG) provides a list of local rental agencies on its website.

You can register for social housing through WoningNet. Note that conditions to apply regard your income level and residence address.

Dutch law has many rules that protect your rights as a tenant. For questions regarding your rental contract you can contact rental law consultancy Frently that will help with any kind of rental issues.

Furthermore, you can seek information and support from the Huurcommissie and the Legal Support Office Juridisch Loket Groningen (sites are in Dutch only).

A guide to the ins and outs of renting in the Netherlands can be found on the Expatica website. The website At Home in Groningen is focussed on student accommodation, but provides an overview of rental information which is useful for non-students too.