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Driving and parking

Auto straat Ezinge

Driver’s licence

If you have a driver’s licence from outside of the Netherlands, your licence might not be valid here. That depends on the type of licence you have and if your licence was issued in a member state of the EU. Have a look at the IWCN's website to check whether you can drive in the Netherlands with your driver’s licence.

If you don’t have a driver’s licence yet and you want to get one in the Netherlands, you can get one after passing a theory test and a practical driving test. These tests are organised by the CBR, the national driver's licence agency. In order to pass the tests, you need to take lessons at a driving school. The average amount of money that is spent in the Netherlands to obtain a driver’s licence is €2300,-, as calculated by the CBR. The costs depend on the amount of lessons you need and often vary between driving schools. The average price for one lesson is €41. A person on average needs 38 lessons. Remember that you also need to pay for the tests and your licence.

Buying or bringing a car

If you are living in Groningen and looking to buy a car, it is important to know what to look for. If you have bought a car or a different motor vehicle outside of the Netherlands and you want to bring it to the Netherlands, there are a number of conditions you need to fulfill before you will be able to use it on the Dutch roads. It is also important to get a Dutch licence plate if you are bringing a car with a foreign plate.

Good to know

It is compulsory in the Netherlands to have at least third-party insurance on all your motor vehicles. In addition to the insurance, it may be wise to become a member of an automobile club such as the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB), which offers road service. Also make sure that you carry the right documents on board.


Once you have a car in Groningen, you will need to park it somewhere. The municipality's website offers a clear overview of all the different options.

If you are a resident of the neighbourhood "Binnenstad Diepenring" or a neighbourhood surrounding the city centre, you can also apply for a parking permit to park your car in your neighbourhood. You can apply for a parking permit at the municipality.

Cars for sharing

If you do not own a car but you are in need of one, you might consider to make use of a car ment for sharing. There are multiple companies in Groningen that offer cars for sharing, like Greenwheels, EasyDriving, MyWheels and SnappCar, but there are also individuals who offer their cars for this purpose.