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How to get to Groningen

KPN Groningen Joram Krol

There are various ways to get to Groningen when not using your own car or bike. You can reach Groningen by plane, bus, train or taxi.

By plane

If you want to get to Groningen by plane, you can fly to Groningen Airport Eelde. The airport is situated approximately 15 kilometers outside of the city. Travelling from this airport to the city centre is very easy and will only take a short amount of time. Find more information about the ways to travel from the airport to the centre on the airport's website.

Groningen Airport Eelde is a fairly small airport and you will not be able to fly directly to this airport from many locations. You can also travel to one of the other airports in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven or Rotterdam. From these airports you can get to Groningen by public transport, bus and taxi. Schiphol Airport has a direct train connection to Groningen.

By bus

If you want to travel to Groningen directly by bus, you can use Flixbus. The company offers a direct route to Groningen from more than 40 cities. If you want to travel by bus in the region, you can use Qbuzz.

By train

Groningen is easy to reach by train. You can read more about travelling to Groningen by train on our page about trains.

By taxi

You can also get to Groningen by taking a taxi. That can be useful late at night when public transport stopped running. Keep in mind that taking a taxi can get very expensive, depending where you are travelling from. Read some useful tips for when you decide to take a taxi in the Netherlands.