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In the region


When you are travelling in the region, you can either walk, take your bike, take the bus or go by train.

Walking and biking

If you want to go from one place to another within the centre of Groningen, the most commonly used options are walking and biking. Since everything is very close together, walking or biking is often the quickest way of travelling.

The bus

The most common form of public transport in Groningen is the bus. There is a very good bus network throughout the city and in the province, so the bus can always take you where you need to be. The busses in Groningen are from Qbuzz. You can also take the bus to many other destinations in the region or to for example Friesland. These busses are either from Qbuzz or Arriva.

The train

If you want to travel within the region, you can also go by train. Read more about travelling by train our our page 'Trains in Groningen'.

Plan your journey

If you want to plan your journey, use the website 9292. You can enter your departing location and your destination and either the time you want to depart or the time you want to arrive. The planner shows the best public transport options for your journey.

The OV-chipcard

Although you can still buy single tickets at the station or online, most people in the Netherlands use a public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart). This card is the general public transport card and can be used when travelling by train, bus, tram or metro. You should charge the card with electronic credits. Note that the card must contain enough credit to complete a journey. Using a chip card is a lot cheaper than buying single tickets, especially when you regularly use public transport.

When entering a bus, train, metro or tram, you have to check in by holding your card up to the card reader until you see a green light and hear a beep. Always remember to check out when leaving the vehicle. Have a look at the OV-chipkaart website for more information on how to use it properly.

If your taking the bus, you can check in with your OV-chipkaart or you can buy a single ticket. If you need to buy a ticket, you can often pay by debitcard.

When travelling by train, you can either buy a ticket at one of the ticket machines at the station or online, or use the OV-chipcard.