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Health insurance

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In case of a medical emergency

If you experience an acute medical emergency, you can call the national emergency number 112.

The Dutch medical system

The Dutch medical system might work differently than the one you are used to. It is therefore important to get familiar with the Dutch medical system.

Health insurance

If you live or work in the Netherlands, you are legally obliged to take out standard health insurance if you are aged 18 or older. This insurance covers the costs of medical treatments, such as going to the hospital or a general practitioner. If you are not covered by Dutch health insurance while you should have been, you risk being fined and billed retroactively for the time you were not insured. You are free to choose the health insurer that suits your needs best. Make sure to compare health insurers and their offers, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best. Find more detailed information about Dutch health insurance here.

Health insurance for students

If you are an international student in the Netherlands, different regulations about health insurance might apply to you. Read more about the regulations for international students.

Healthcare allowance

Depending on your circumstances, you might be elegible for healthcare allowance. Since health insurance is obligatory in the Netherlands, the Dutch government offers healthcare allowance to support people on a low income to help cover the monthly premiums.