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Mental health

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If you need mental healthcare, there are different ways to get support. You can find more information about mental healthcare providers in the Netherlands on the website Healthcare for Internationals.


Children and adolescents up to the age op 18 can get support from the Youth Mental Health Services ("jeugd-GGZ") if needed. You can ask your general practitioner for more information.


Students from the University of Groningen can also visit the University Psychological Counselling Service. Their Service Centre consist of a team of psychologists who can help you with both personal and academic issues.

Mental healthcare and insurance

Mental healthcare costs might be covered by your health insurance. Read more about mental healthcare and insurance coverage.


If you or someone you know is experiencing serious mental health problems, you can always contact your general practitioner who can offer you help. If you are concerned that someone might have suicidal thoughts or if you are struggling with this yourself, you can call 0900-0113 or visit the website 113.