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Waste and recycling

Oude apparaten

In Groningen we try to reuse as much of our waste as possible, to save on natural resources, costs and energy. Learn how to dispose of and sort your waste on the website of the Gemeente Groningen.


You can request one online through the Gemeente website, or you can call 14 050 and request one (calling costs 2 euros, and you have to come to the municipal office to pay for the card).

It depends: if have to use a trash card to throw out your rubbish (most city residents), then you cannot get a compost bin. If you have your own (grey) trash bin (called a “kliko” in Dutch) from the municipality, then you can request a compost (green) bin as well.

You can read more about recycling in Groningen on the waste guide ("afvalwijzer"). If you want to recycle your old paper, there are often old paper bins nearby and old paper is collected once a month. You can recycle glass by putting it in the glass bins. Make sure to check if it is glass with a deposit ("statiegeld"). Many supermarkets have bins for batteries and light bulbs if you are looking to recycle those.

Groningen’s goal is to become more resilient to climate change by 2050 (and is investing 135 million euros into doing so). That includes adding as much green space as possible in the city, installing more green roofing, planting more trees, creating small garden plots with plants native to the region, and restoring historic wetlands to their natural state, which will help reduce the risk of flooding.

Climate Adaptation Groningen has tips for ways to make changes at your own home to make the city less vulnerable to climate change, like collecting your own rainwater, replacing garden tiles with greenery, starting a garden and making it attractive to animals and insects, and choosing green roofing.