How to find a job

How to get a job in the Netherlands

If you’re new to Groningen or have finished your studies and you want to access the job market, there are several approaches to take. The International welcome center north has a lot of useful information that can help you through the process of gettting a job in the Netherlands. They have for example information about job listing websites and employment agencies that are specialised in English vacancies, about how to apply for a job, how to write an application letter and what to do during the interview. Below we have listed some more information about the different approaches to take when looking for a job.

Job listing sites

The largest job listing site for the north of the Netherlands is Noorderlink. Most large companies and (semi-)governmental organisations place vacancies on this platform. It offers both jobs and work experience placements. You can filter jobs by language. Even if a vacancy text is in Dutch, it may sometimes be possible for a non-Dutch speaker to fill the position, so it can be worthwhile enquiring about this if you see a suitable position. Make it in the North is an online platform for talent, organisations and companies. The platform wants to help (international) talent in the North to start or continue their career and to connect companies and organisations with the talent they need. On the platform you can for example find a job portal, career events and a map showing companies in the North who have international ambitions. These are some other job listing websites with English vacancies:

Employment agencies

There are a couple employment agencies in Groningen that can help you find a job. Below we have listed some of the biggest employment agencies, but there are many more in Groningen. Some employment agencies are focussed more on students or on specific branches. Make sure to check if an employment agency offers what you are looking for.

Through your network

Most jobs are found through networking and in the Netherlands this is certainly a very common route to finding a job. There are a lot of ‘hidden jobs’ out there. Being proactive and building your network is therefore a valuable way to improve your chances of finding a job. Below we have listed some options that can help you to expand your network:

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