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UMCG Hoofdingang donker

The emergency number for the Netherlands is 112. You can call this number if you urgently need the police, fire department or an ambulance.

The police

If you have an emergency that requires the police, you should call 112. If it is not an emergency, but you still need to contact the police, you can call 0900-8844. They can connect you to the local police office. Read more about the role of the police in the Netherlands.

The police station at the Rademarkt in Groningen is always open:

Groningen Police Station
Rademarkt 12
9711 CV Groningen

Medical support

If you have an emergency that requires an ambulance, you should call 112. If you need medical assistance but the situation is not life threatening, you should first call your general practitioner. If you are calling after hours or in the weekend and your family doctor is not available, you can call the central doctors’ service (huisartsenpost). For Groningen, the number is 0900-9229.

Mental health

If you or someone you know is experiencing serious mental health problems, you can always contact your general practitioner who can offer you help. If you are concerned that someone is having suicidal thoughts or if you are struggling with this yourself, you can call 0900-0113 or visit the website 113.

Animal emergencies

If there is an emergency concerning an animal, you can call the animal ambulance at 0900-0245. You can also use the following number for an emergency in Groningen: 050-5791909. You can call your local veterinarian if you need non-emergency help or treatment for your pet.

Helpline for children and teenagers

The kindertelefoon is a confidential helpline for children and teenagers where they can ask any question or talk about any problem. Call 0800-0432 or visit the website for the online chat.

Gas or electricity emergencies

If there is an emergency concerning gas or electricity, such as a gas leak or power outage, you can call 0800-9009 or visit the website Gas- en stoomstoringen.

The air raid siren (luchtalarm)

The air raid sirens are tested every first Monday of the month at noon in the Netherlands. It is completely normal to hear the siren at that time and does not mean there is an emergency. Read more about the air raid sirens.

The air raid siren (luchtalarm) can be used in the event of a disaster, such as a big fire or a gas leak. If you hear the siren, you should stay inside, close your windows and doors and put on the TV or radio to see what is happening.

Government mobile alert service

If you want to, you can also subscribe to the government mobile alert service. If you do so, you will receive a text whenever there is an emergency in you area.