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As part of student life in Groningen, the exciting quest for your place just around the corner is a significant aspect. With thousands of students coming to the city every year, finding a suitable studio, room, or apartment becomes an adventure in itself. Below, you'll find some tips to get you started, or you can visit At home in Groningen for comprehensive information about living in Groningen.

Finding the right accommodation

When you're coming to study in Groningen, having a suitable place is crucial. It's advisable to start your search for your ideal spot 3 to 5 months in advance. Finding the right accommodation can be a challenge, especially when the semester is approaching. The most common way to find a studio, room, or apartment is through various online platforms and social media. Websites like Kamernet, Pararius,, and Facebook groups dedicated to rooms in Groningen are valuable sources of information. Landlords post advertisements for available accommodations here, and you can also search for what suits you. Some platforms are free, while others might require a small fee. Be aware of scammers!

If you have not found accommodation before 1 August, we strongly advise you not to come to Groningen. If you decide to come to Groningen without having arranged housing beforehand, you are highly likely to find yourself in hotels or hostels, if there is still space. This will involve high costs, inconvenience, and stress. If you find accommodation outside of the city, then make sure you consider the potential extra travel time and travel costs. Conclusion: start looking for a place on time!

Student housing

Another option is to register with student housing corporations, such as SSH Student Housing or The Social Hub Groningen. These organizations provide student-friendly accommodations and often have special arrangements for international students. It's wise to register well in advance since the demand for these accommodations can be high. Moreover, prominent housing corporations like Lefier, De Huismeesters, Christelijke Woningstichting Patrimonium, and WoningNet Groningen are active in the city.

For SSH Student Housing: Create your SSH account as of the 22nd of April. Booking starts on the 6th of June (exchange fall) and 20th of June (exchange full year). There is a limited number of rooms available and it's your own responsibility to register on time.

Hospi Housing

The Municipality of Groningen has recently partnered with Hospi Housing to link students with verified local hosts and guest families. This initiative helps students secure accommodation while also allowing them to connect with knowledgeable residents of Groningen, fostering new cultural connections and a sense of belonging in the city. The platform offers free registration, browsing, and communication with hosts for an unlimited period. If you find a room through Hospi Housing, there is a one-time fee of 50% of the first month’s rent. In return, Hospi Housing guarantees a scam-free experience, assists with matching students to suitable hosts, and aids in contract drafting.


Additionally, active networking within the student community can be very helpful. During events like the KEI-WEEK and ESN week, you'll meet a lot of fellow students who often have good tips and recommendations. Word of mouth can sometimes lead to surprisingly good options that aren't advertised online.

More tips

  • Do not rely on just one housing website, try out different ones at the same time to find a house asap!
  • Be flexible with facilities and pricing and don’t be too picky. The average room in Groningen has a rental price of €500,- per month.
  • Do not pay anything before you have a written contract and always ask for a receipt of payment.
  • If the rent looks too good to be true for the location/type of housing, or the pictures are unidentifiable, you might be looking at something that is not genuine.
  • Avoid identity theft: never send a copy of your passport to strangers. If you do share a copy of your passport, make sure to block personal
  • If you wish to rent a room in a building that has three or more residents, you should check if the proprietor has the correct permit.
  • Do not go to a viewing alone. If possible, take a Dutch speaker with you.

While the search can sometimes be challenging, it's important to remain patient and thorough when exploring different options. Be aware of potential scams and ensure you always have the necessary information and contract details before making a decision. There are always landlords (private or otherwise) who are primarily motivated by profit and may not keep their promises.

Whether you choose a cosy student house, a studio, or a shared apartment, finding the right place adds an extra layer of enjoyment and excitement to your student life in Groningen. It's an opportunity to create your own space in this vibrant city. For more information about topics like 'hospiteren' (the roommate selection process), different neighbourhoods, and practical matters in Groningen, check out GroningenLife.


Do you have problems with your housing when it comes to housing discrimination, harassment, unreasonable service fees and excessive deposits, then you read more about rights and rules on this page on the website of the Municipality. You can also report your landlord via the Rental Harassment Reporting Hotline.

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