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Groningen is, of course, much more than just a place to study or work. It is also a place where you can enjoy living and exploring, with a quirky cultural sector and a diverse range of restaurants and bars. These hotspots are not to be missed.


In the heart of the city center you can find the Forum; a meeting place for everyone who is curious about the world of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. The Forum aims to surprise and inspire with its Storyworld, a huge exhibition space with changing exhibits, 5 movie theaters, the Smartlab, restaurants, the city library and the highest roof terrace in Groningen with phenomenal views and a rooftop cinema.

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Lunch spots

Fancy an extensive lunch? Or just something else than your favorite sandwich, Groningen is the place to be. And whether you're in the mood for an authentic Italian lunch, Asian street food or a luxury four-course lunch, Groningen has plenty of places where you can dine long into the afternoon. 'Visit Groningen' listed a number of great lunch spots for you that are definitely worth a visit.

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Groninger Museum

Creative energy splashes from the walls. Beautiful or ugly? The Groninger Museum has been there since 1994, but it is still the subject of discussion on modern architecture. Let that be reason enough for a visit. The diverse collections and innovative, occasionally quite stimulating, exhibitions complete the experience.

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Groningers love coffee and this is well reflected in the city's streetscape. You can find a cafe on almost every street corner. Yet no two cafes are the same.

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Concept stores

Concept stores, not to be confused with pop-up stores, are stores where it is not just about selling products. The store's décor and assortment play an important role in the experience and are tailored to a theme or lifestyle. So, it's actually more about getting inspired.

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Noorderplantsoen - Some come here to run off last night's beers, others to relax after a week of hard studying. The Noorderplantsoen is the extension of the Groninger houses. Not only students, but any other people like the ‘Stadjers’ love the park.

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Culture & events

Groningen is bursting with creativity. This is immediately evident in striking places like the Groninger Museum and the Forum. But you only really experience its unique character when you look further afield: in the creeping, sneaking alleys full of colorful street art, at quirky galleries, festivals or museums just around the corner. Here it buzzes with free spirits going their own way. Sounds like music to your ears, doesn't it? It sounds like Groningen.

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Out and about

Nowhere in the city are there as many places to party as in the Poelestraat and Peperstraat. But also, in the rest of Groningen you can have your favorite drink, shake your booty on the dance floor or play a game in the pub. And not only the pubs and clubs, but also the snackbars are open all night. Where will we meet tonight? A hip hotspot, a quirky bar or a nostalgic pub. In Groningen, you can experience nightlife in all its glory.

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Groningen's ‘hofjes’ used to offer free shelter to the poor, widows and sick. Nowadays, anyone can live in these oases of tranquility in the city center. At a handful you can drop in for a moment of silence. Some of the trees in the flower-filled gardens are ancient. They carry the memories of the past with them.

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More tips?

In addition to the above tips, there is of course much more to discover in Groningen. On the website you will find many more hotspots in Groningen that you should not miss.

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