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Opening a bank account


One of the things you might want to do during your first month in Groningen is opening a bank account. Opening a bank account needs to be done in person. You can either walk into the bank or make an appointment online. It is important to check a couple of things before choosing your bank, to make sure that the bank fits your needs. In the checklist you can also find what you need to bring with you to the bank when opening an account.

Banking for students

Many banks offer less expensive bank accounts for students. Both the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen have agreements with certain banks to help students open an account when they do not have a BSN yet.


Most banks work with an annual fee that is dependent on your type of account and the method of payment you choose. Banks often offer package deals with a variety of services and different means of payment. In the Netherlands, payments are usually made in cash or by debit card. Creditcards are accepted in many places, but often not in smaller shops or supermarkets. Cheques are not commonly used. Make sure to check the costs of the different options a bank offers. Adding a credit card to your account will for example often lead to addition costs.