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Useful information

Vismarkt Korenbeurs Groningen

If you are looking for practical information about housing in Groningen, At home in Groningen is often the place to look. Below we have listed some of the website's most helpful pages, to make your search for accommodation in Groningen as easy as possible. In addition, you can also find information about registering your move at the municipality.

Housing prices

Housing prices can vary a lot, based on their size, neighbourhood and conditions. However, you should check whether the rent asked for a certain room is not way too high for the standard in Groningen. Have a look at the In Home Groningen's rental guide.

Avoid scamming

Of course you know that you need to avoid being scammed, but do you know how to recognize the signs of a scam? Read the article 'Avoid fraud and housing scams' on the At Home In Groningen website.

Rental contract

When you have found a room and you are ready to sign your rental contract, it is good to know what should and shouldn’t be in your contract.

Housing rights

If you are renting a room or a house, you have housing rights and tenant duties. Make sure that you know what your rights are and what your landlord may expect of you.

Rent benefit

If you are living in the Netherlands, you might be eligible for rent benefit.

Possible problems

If you are experiencing problems with your landlord or you think your rent is not fair, have a look at the article 'Possible problems with renting' to read about the most common problems, solutions and a list of agencies that can help you if needed.


If you need help in your search for a room or if you have questions about your rent, contract or something else, you can contact At Home In Groningen. You can also have a look at their list of most frequently asked questions about housing in Groningen. If you are renting from Lefier and you are experiencing problems, contact Grobos.

In case of a rent issue, you can contact Frently. They are the Rental Law Consultancy in Groningen and represent tenants in the city of Groningen who fight against unfair rental prices.

Registering at municipality

If you are moving to Groningen from abroad, you need to register at the municipality within 5 days after your arrival. Registration is necessary, because you will only get a citizen service number (BSN, burgerservicenummer) when you are officially registered. You need a BSN to study or work in the Netherlands. You also need a BSN to make use of all other official matters, such as healthcare, insurance, a bank account and to apply for benefits or an allowance. In some cases, the International Welcome Center North might be able to help you go through this process.

Registering for a short stay

Even if you are going to live, study or work in Groningen for less than four months, you need to get registered at the municipality as a non-resident. When registered, you will get a citizen service number (BSN). You need a BSN as an employee and as a student, but you also require a BSN for all official matters such as healthcare, insurance or a bank account.