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Welcome to Groningen! The place to create your future. We'd like to help you get started.


Local heroes

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Greenovation: making our city more green and liveable

The challenges facing Groningen, whether they are social, economic or environmental, are the same challenges that are faced by many other European cities. Groningen applied for the European Capital of Innovation Award, because we want to share our vision and vibe with the rest of Europe. We think our innovative, citizen-driven approach to making our city more green and liveable is worth sharing. We call it: Greenovation.

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Students and the coronavirus

Hello and welcome! We hope that you will have an amazing and unforgettable time as a student in this young-vibing and innovative city called: Groningen! However, corona is still with us. In order to control the virus, it is highly important that you follow the basic measures. Together we can stop the virus!

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Daindra Wisaksono

“How did I, a short Asian girl speaking English, know what siepels are?”