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Meet the people

the city of

Daindra Wisaksono

“How did I, a short Asian girl speaking English, know what siepels are?”

the city of

Manuela Torres

Every single second of my day is better by being here

Julian by Nienke Maat
the city of

Julian Verkerk

Groningen is a playground for me, precisely because there are fewer filmmakers here

Groningen Nl Pablo 1
the city of

Pablo García Barrena

We love coming home to our "schippershuisje" after a day at work

Groningen Nl 3
the city of

Astrid Wehmeijer

Groningen has so much to offer. Discover the city with your children

Amaranta 6
the city of

Amaranta Luna

I have two homes, both Mexico and Groningen. Both beautiful in a different way.

Shanice City Of 1
the city of

Shanice Karangwa

For a city this small, Groningen is quite progressive