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Hobbies and volunteering

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Some of the most popular hobbies in the Netherlands are knitting, embroidering, gaming, baking, reading and photography. As many things in the Netherlands, most hobbies take place in an organised group or club. In addition to these hobbies, many Dutch people also use their free time to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, have a look at Link050. If you can’t find any English volunteering opportunities, you can ask City Central. They have an overview of organisations that are open to English speaking volunteers.

Finding the right hobby group

If you are looking for a hobby group or club, the best way to start looking is often in your own neighbourhood. Many neighbourhood organisations organise activities and some even have their own community centre. If you can’t find what you are looking for within your own neighbourhood, the Facebook group Expats in Groningen can be a good option. Here you can simply ask other expats in Groningen if they know where you can find the right, english speaking, group or club for you. For an overview of all organisations and clubs in Groningen, have a look here. You can click on the hobby of your choice and it will give you an overview of relevant groups and clubs. If you are interested in walking meet-ups inside the city or in the province where you can meet other internationals, have a look at the Groningen Walkers.