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Religious communities

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Groningen is a very international city, which means that it also hosts many different religions. There are many religious communities in Groningen and many of them also offer information in English. Below are listed some of the religious communities in Groningen. A broader list of religious communities can be found here.

Christian Student Associations

There are several religion oriented student associations in Groningen. Some associations have a religious background, but they are not practicing anymore, such as Albertus Magnus. If you are looking for an association that is a real student association, but also focussed on religion, Navigators Student Association Groningen might be the place for you. If you are looking for an association that is a bit more focussed on religion and a bit less on the student part, GSV or Ad Tempus Vitae are the best choices. The association which is mostly focussed on religion and least on the student part is Ichtus Groningen, where every activity is religion related.

Anglican Church

Islamic community

Christian Orthodox Church