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Media in Groningen

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Besides the regular Dutch TV programmes, radio shows and newspapers, there are also regional media channels for Groningen to keep you updated about the city and province.

English language media in Groningen

  • Northern Times
    The Northern Times
    is an English news site about the news and activities in the three northern provinces of the Netherlands: Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. The website covers local politics and business news, as well as cultural events and more in-depth articles on long-running topics.

  • Happy Hour FM Radio
    Happy Hour FM Radio is a local Groningen-based English spoken radio show for students, and other interested people, in Groningen. Once a week on Monday from 6pm to 7pm you can find this show on 106.6FM. They talk about useful information, fun stuff, news and of course music.

Other media from Groningen

A good way to practice your Dutch is to watch Dutch TV, to read the Dutch news or to listen to the Dutch radio. Below you can find a couple of interesting regional options.

  • Dagblad van het Noorden
    The Dagblad van het Noorden is a daily newspaper that covers the news from Groningen and Drenthe. They also offer an online version on their website.

  • Groninger Gezinsbode
    The Groninger Gezinsbode is a magazine about Groningen. You can find interesting stories, important messages and more interesting information about Groningen here. They also offer an online version on their website.

  • RTV Noord
    RTV Noord
    covers news and stories in Groningen on their website, on TV and on radio. You can find their radio shows on 97,5FM.

  • OOG TV
    OOG TV
    covers news and stories in Groningen. They have a website, you can watch them on TV and they also have a radio show on 106.6FM.