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Since Groningen is a real student city, there is always a lot going on. Not only can you go to one of the many hotspots that the city has to offer, you can also choose between a lot of different activities that are organised every single day. You can find many activities and events by simply looking on Facebook or by having a look at all the posters and flyers at university. But if you want a really nice overview of almost all of the activities that are being organised in Groningen, you can have a look at Here and Now.


A student city of course also has a lot of associations. Groningen has some great student associations, but there are also many other associations you could become a member of. Think of sports associations, religious associations, cultural associations, international associations and study associations. There is truly something for everyone. You can find more information about all these associations on GroningenLife.

Introduction weeks

The best way to get familiar with all the associations, events and hotspots in Groningen is to join one of the introduction weeks. These weeks are ment for students who are new in Groningen and are a great way to make your first friends in Groningen. Both KEI and ESN organise an introduction week for internationals, so you can choose or maybe even join both. Read more about the introduction weeks in Groningen.