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in Groningen

Are you ready to take matters into your own hands? Do you want the freedom to choose which projects you take on, where to work and how to schedule your time? Then freelancing in Groningen is the perfect move for you! Enjoy the variety of different projects while working from the vibrant city of Groningen.

In The Netherlands, freelancers are locally referred to as ZZP'ers (a Dutch abbreviation for "zelfstandige zonder personeel"). If you are a freelancer, it means that you are an entrepreneur without staff who works for different clients. Generally, you are an expert in something, and you work at your own expense and risk. During illness or when things are quiet in your business, you can't rely on benefits.


Most freelancers or independent professionals register with the Chamber of Commerce as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company (BV). The Chamber of Commerce has 7 handy steps to get you started.

Services and clients

Once set up, you can offer your services to clients in Groningen and beyond. If you're still exploring business ideas, consider offering a skill you're excited about. You can then offer this skill physically or online, from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, set up a base in one of the several co-working places that Groningen has to offer.

Vibrant communities

Groningen is a relatively small city with vibrant communities and strong networks. People are willing to help you join one of these networks so that you, too, can be included in the vibrant ecosystem in the North. Teams like those of Founded in Groningen can connect, support and promote your initiatives.

Ask yourself if freelancing is for you. After all, it comes with pros and cons. Some examples are having control over your own working hours, choosing your own clients, and allowing a better work-life balance as you see fit. However, there are also some disadvantages to freelance work. As a full-time employee of a company with a specific hours-based contract, there may be relatively more job security. There are also other advantages for full-time employees such as paid leave and sick days.

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